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StomachSuperior office anesthesia services with anesthesia solutions you can trust. Your Reputation Depends Upon It. Our Reputation Assures You of It.

Maximize the safety and comfort of your patients undergoing office upper endoscopy and colonoscopy as well as the efficiency of your office practice at no cost to you with anesthesia care provided by Gastro Anesthesia Services, P.C.

Accreditation services provided by active surveyors assist your office in achieving and maintaining your accreditation in good standing.

Responsive to your every need, we can provide you with complimentary assistance with facility design and help you streamline necessary paperwork. We can assist your office to remain in compliance with OSHA and other state and local regulations. When you call our team, you speak directly to one of our principal physicians, not a marketing director or business manager.

To serve you better, we have limited our office-based anesthesiology services exclusively to the New York metropolitan area. We do not staff surgical centers in Kansas or hospitals in Maryland.

Contact us at or call (516) 678-4725

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